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Sometimes, IRL decides to have some surprise sex with you in a figurative sense, and when that happens and you're getting your metaphorical nether regions painfully assaulted, things like the normal comic update suffer in the process.

So in lieu of the ongoing story, here's a sneak peak/concept art for some future appearances starring MY favorite subject matter when it comes to sketches and filler material, Sara.

This was originally part of a bigger piece called "Sara and her Sisters," one of whom made a cameo appearance. Her other siblings came about when Scooter and I were figuring out how to incorporate the funny bits and experiences that he's catalogued as the father of four girls. Anyway, that piece might get put up when it's finished as well, but here's the bit that I feel okay with sharing right now.

Based upon a few snippets of conversation with Scooter (who likes to keep me as much in suspense as the readers of Life Under Construction), the next time we see Sara there'll be some radical changes in her appearance as she decides to "discover herself" after her break-up with Phil. One of the buzz-phrases that came up in an unrelated conversation was "hipster trying to imitate what they think ___________ is like."

Which I guess is what Sara's trying to do with the do and the additional piercings and the tats, trying to do "le 2edgy4u riot grrrl" type.

So this was my workshop with the given concept.

May not be a thing, though, still several more strips to go before Sara appears again, so it might not even happen and be relegated to "Alternative Universe 59712," or whatever convention we decide to use to number parallel worlds.

Thus endeth my John Wigger impression.

Comic continues next week.

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LUCtrivia Winners

And we have our winners! Last week we posted an LUC-themed trivia question. As it turned out it was a tough one, but pretty fun to search out the answers.

Q: What are the four main character's (Brandon, Holly, Phil and Tom) last names?

A: Brandon O'Neal, Holly Masters, Phil Hu and Tom Butterman

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LUCTrivia! Win Limited Edition Prints.

We have a few of our Limited Edition prints left over from Denver Comic Con, and after a few days of wondering what we wanted to do them, we decided that we would love to give them away to our readers! But then we were faced with the dilemma of deciding to whom we should give these fine prints. We quickly decided NOT to decide and let trivia be the judge... And LUCtriva was born.

So without further ado... we present the first LUC Trivia question of the week!

Q: What are the four main character's (Brandon, Holly, Phil and Tom) last names?

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And Now It's a Thing

We had a great time again this year at Denver Comic Con. Thanks to everyone who stopped at our table to buy a t-shirt, or pick up a bookmark, or just to chat. We had a great time hanging out with some old friends this weekend and made a lot of new friends as well.

Thanks to all the other Colorado comic creators who were on the panel with us, our gracious table neighbors and all of you who made the effort to seek us out.

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LUCcomics at DCC!

Denver Comic Con is this weekend! Liam and I are so very excited to be attending again this year. Please come see us at table A15 in Artist Valley. Liam will be doing sketches and commissioned artwork, you can check out our T-shirts and limited edition DCC prints or you can just hang out. We don't get out too often and could use the socialization.

Below is a map in case you can't find us. We do not guarantee treasure, but you never know...