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Welp, after a rather brutal September, October is looking pretty grim, and we're less than a third of the way through.

Scooter is currently on the receiving end of life's surprise shenanigans, so in the meantime, here's a bit of filler which was SUPPOSED to be our entry into the Reading Rainbow Calendar "Be Anything, Go Anywhere" themed contest thingy, but the day job had some extra-special surprises waiting for yours truly as well, so there were a number of cock-ups in the submission version which I've attempted to correct in this version here.

Unfortunately, thanks to sleep deprivation and work-related issues, the soggy mush that is my brain unwittingly omitted the entire "Go Anywhere" part of the motif.

Such is life. Or Life, as the case may be.

Hopefully, the story will continue next week, barring further surprises.

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Rocky Mountain Con

October is flying by so fast I almost missed it. Don't miss us today if you are in Aurora for the Rocky Mountain Con. Will will have comic prints, t-shits and of course Liam will will be doing commissions all day like a machine. This is our first time attending so if you are there, please come by and say hi. We would love to see you.

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LUCtrivia Winners

And we have our winners! Last week we posted an LUC-themed trivia question. As it turned out it was a tough one, but pretty fun to search out the answers.

Q: What are the four main character's (Brandon, Holly, Phil and Tom) last names?

A: Brandon O'Neal, Holly Masters, Phil Hu and Tom Butterman

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LUCTrivia! Win Limited Edition Prints.

We have a few of our Limited Edition prints left over from Denver Comic Con, and after a few days of wondering what we wanted to do them, we decided that we would love to give them away to our readers! But then we were faced with the dilemma of deciding to whom we should give these fine prints. We quickly decided NOT to decide and let trivia be the judge... And LUCtriva was born.

So without further ado... we present the first LUC Trivia question of the week!

Q: What are the four main character's (Brandon, Holly, Phil and Tom) last names?

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And Now It's a Thing

We had a great time again this year at Denver Comic Con. Thanks to everyone who stopped at our table to buy a t-shirt, or pick up a bookmark, or just to chat. We had a great time hanging out with some old friends this weekend and made a lot of new friends as well.

Thanks to all the other Colorado comic creators who were on the panel with us, our gracious table neighbors and all of you who made the effort to seek us out.

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LUCcomics at DCC!

Denver Comic Con is this weekend! Liam and I are so very excited to be attending again this year. Please come see us at table A15 in Artist Valley. Liam will be doing sketches and commissioned artwork, you can check out our T-shirts and limited edition DCC prints or you can just hang out. We don't get out too often and could use the socialization.

Below is a map in case you can't find us. We do not guarantee treasure, but you never know...